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WAMA Labsí methods and technology featuring issues/research in the scientific forefront, often in collaboration with a clinical psychiatrist, are well documented in several publications from internationally distinguished scientific journals

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Head of WAMA Labs, Dr Marie-Louise Wadenberg is a former Recipient of an Investigator Award from the International Congress of Schizophrenia Research (ICOSR) organization. At a recent ICOSR-meeting (that also invited former Award Recipients to a reunion) in Orlando Florida, Dr Wadenberg presented data on the effects of the Alzheimer drug galantamine (alone and in the presence of low dose antipsychotic risperidone) in the attentional set-shifting test for cognitive functions.

In September, Dr Wadenberg is invited to present experimental data with cholinergic acting drugs, using tests for antipsychotic activity as well as cognitive functioning, at a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark featuring several prominent speakers from USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Australia and Denmark.